Write Persuasive Bullet Points With Jarvis

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Persuasive Bullet Points will keep people's attention. Use Jarvis to create these bullet points for you and your next website!

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Kyle Williams
Kyle is our "Jarvis Video Guy," but also the owner of Wilde Creative Company. Over the last 12 years, Kyle has made a business out of helping companies, brands, and business owners tell their stories through film, photo, websites and everything else digital.

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One hard fact about a website is that people most likely won't read all that you and Jarvis have written together and carefully placed in your website... but what they will do is SKIM.... Ya skim, like quickly scan over a page, view the picture catch a headline, maybe read a few sentences here and there, and then make their decision about buying... And the good news is that Jarvis has the perfect solution for skimmers...  Its call Persuasive Bullet Points, these bullet points are perfect to use on a website in all sorts of locations to catch your viewer's eyes and make your point, or 5 points if you want!

Open a document and access the power mode... then access the Persuasive Bullet Points template... Choose a company or product you want to produce bullet points for... remember, the more you give Jarvis the more he will give you, this is a relationship people give Jarvis some good input and watch him work his Ai magic.

Then after he gives you a few great bullet points, take the ones you like and drop them into your website next to a solid picture and huzzah... you just built a solid chunk of a web page in no time!