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SEO-rich Title and Meta Descriptions can drastically improve the traffic on your website, and who better to help you develop those than Jarvis!

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Kyle Williams
Kyle is our "Jarvis Video Guy," but also the owner of Wilde Creative Company. Over the last 12 years, Kyle has made a business out of helping companies, brands, and business owners tell their stories through film, photo, websites and everything else digital.

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Creating individual web pages with targeted, SEO rich Titles and Meta Descriptions for each service that your company offers can be a great way to generate website traffic for that service as well as the companies website in general.

Let me show you specifically how I use Jarvis to generate an SEO-rich Title and Meta Description for my service pages...

Let's go over to a website I built for a roofing contractor, Assurance Exteriors. For Assurance Exteriors, one service they offer is residential roofing. Our goal for this website is to be a top result for residential roofing contractors in Kansas. So we are aiming for this page to answer that search online. Roofing Contractor in Kansas... Knowing what search terms you want to appear for is paramount to leveraging Jarvis' ability to generate great SEO copy for you. If you will do the research Jarvis can help you quickly and efficiently create these titles and meta descriptions!

Inside the Services Page Title and Meta Description template, you will see where you input your company name, description of service, and keyword... I'll specifically insert the search term I am working on ranking for in the keyword input. I will write it exactly how I want Jarvis to use it.

Once you do this, hit generate and then Jarvis uses this information to generate options for a title and meta description that you can use for your webpage.

Then all you have to do is go and insert it into the proper places on your webpage builder. I use Yoast on my Wordpress sites and it shows me where to input my meta description and how I am doing on all the other ranking features and what I need to fix. Other website builders like Wix and Shopify generally have an SEO section you access to input this information!

This step in building a webpage is crucial if you want to rank for certain search terms. There are many other tricks here, such as adjusting the URL to match the search term you want, using those keywords / phrase in your page multiple times, and so on.

The good news for you is Jarvis is here to help you dial in that SEO title and meta description so you can watch the traffic roll in!