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Did you know that Jarvis can help you build a better website? Not only that, he can help you build a site that is more efficient and effective! In this Jarvis University series, we walk through how you should use Jarvis to help you build your next website!

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Kyle Williams
Kyle is our "Jarvis Video Guy," but also the owner of Wilde Creative Company. Over the last 12 years, Kyle has made a business out of helping companies, brands, and business owners tell their stories through film, photo, websites and everything else digital.

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Welcome to another Jarvis University video series! My name is Kyle, and over the next dozen lessons or so I am going to walk you through how to use Jarvis to quickly AND effectively to build a website that is eye-catching, customer converting, and just in general awesome!

Over the last 12 years, I have been building websites for companies, clients, and organizations and made a great business out of it. While you know me as the Jarvis video guy, I actually run a successful marketing and creative company during the daytime. This is just what do when the kids are asleep.  I have had clients from various industries, including construction companies, pet companies, ranches, farms, and Non-for profits, just to mention a few.

And in that time, I have most certainly had my fair share of failures but also great successes. The benefit for you is you get to see the things I have learned and skip over the horrible late nights and crashed websites and errors and misspelling and terrible revision deadlines... you get the point... You're gonna get the good stuff.

For anyone that has built a website for a client or yourself, you know that one of the hardest parts to get that website to the finish line is creating engaging copy and content that translates viewers of your website into customers. I mean seriously, have you ever had to ask your client for copy about their business and products only to be given a "rough" outline that hardly answers the question of who the company is let alone what they do and how they work? This is the worst... but have no fear, because what I am going to show you inside of Jarvis will absolutely blow your minds and make your next website build a breeze!

Now before we dive into this video series, if you are sitting there and you haven't gone through the Jarvis Bootcamp yet you need to stop right now and go and do that. There are many basic Jarvis actions that I will be assuming you understand and can do as we work through our website buildout course. You can complete BootCamp in under an hour and then come right back here to learn how to use Jarvis when building a website.

Let's get started...