September 30, 2021

20 Great Video Ideas to Grow Your YouTube Channel

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Ready to start video marketing? Here are 20 cool video ideas to begin with, as well as tips for brainstorming more ideas and an idea generator tool worth using.

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Although YouTube has been around for over a decade, it has become more relevant as a content marketing tool in recent years. About 55% of content marketers use YouTube as part of their strategy, according to Social Media Examiner’s 2020 report.

If you’re feeling ready to hop onto the platform — or revive an inactive account — it’s not too late. We’ll share tips for brainstorming content ideas as well as 20 video ideas to get you started right away. Finally, we’ll share a tool that can generate relevant video ideas for any niche in seconds!

How to brainstorm great YouTube video ideas to grow your following

Creating video content when you’re new on YouTube can feel like shouting into the void. Let’s get you started with creating content, using this five-step method:

  1. Figure out your topics of interest

Knowing your niche and goals is essential for getting started on YouTube. While both of those things can evolve over time, having a good grasp of your starting point will give your content direction. It will also help you find and reach a target audience more easily. 

As with all kinds of niching, try to be specific. For example, if you’re creating content around finance, it’d be helpful to know what kind and for whom. For instance, personal finance videos for millennial women. The same would apply to creating videos for gamers or DIY content.

  1. Learn from your competitors

As a new video content creator, you’ll need to know what others in your niche are doing. Not because you want to copy video for video, but for inspiration — and also to see what viewers like.

So, when you visit your competitor’s YouTube homepage, filter their videos by “Most Popular” and see what kind of content is doing well. This shows you what topics, video lengths, and even filming styles appeal to viewers.

  1. Do some keyword research

Now that you’ve got a taste of the content options available, it’s time to dig deeper with keyword research. Video keyword research is different from written keyword research, but there are some easy workarounds. Here are a few useful tips:

  • Use YouTube’s autocomplete feature which works like Google’s autocomplete function. For this you’ll need a basic idea of content options to feed into the search bar and then autocomplete will do the rest.
  • Invest in Ahrefs: This keyword tool allows you to search YouTube keywords using their Keyword Explorer tool. Just set it to YouTube instead of Google.
  • Search Google for keywords with video search engine results: If you can’t use Ahrefs and you already have a list of keywords to get started on, try running them through Google to see if videos pop up in the search engine result pages (SERPs). If you see several videos, it means searchers value video results for that keyword.
  1. Define your budget

Even with all the keywords and video ideas in the world, making videos costs time and money. Evaluate your budget to see which kinds of videos you can shoot now and which ones may need to be shelved for later. This will help you narrow down your ideas.

  1. Use a video idea generator

We’ll be recommending a couple of options later in this article, but these tools can save you tons of time! The best ones take both SEO and subject matter relevance into consideration, helping you to create videos that will appeal to your audience.

20 YouTube video ideas to kickstart your video marketing

While you’re easing into the keyword research process, kick off your video marketing with these 20 YouTube video ideas.

1. Meet the team

You can take several approaches to this one, but overall, it pays to keep it short and sweet while keeping the team spirit strong. This example from Adobe shows the teammates’ personalities while educating viewers on the behind-the-scenes work.

Video: Meet the Teams | Adobe Creative Cloud

2. Film a review

Product reviews highlighting what works and doesn’t can help show your expertise. Just remember to be kind and professional in your review videos.

3. Day in the life vlog

Viewers are curious about how other people live and work. Show a day working at the office, working remotely, or otherwise using your time efficiently. You can throw in some productivity tips to make your vlogging even more enjoyable for viewers.

4. Record a channel intro

If all else fails, start off with a channel intro. This is a short (usually under a minute-long) video that explains to new viewers what your channel is about. NerdWallet has a fun, fuss-free intro video for their YouTube channel.

Video: Turn To The Nerds On YouTube! | NerdWallet

5. Make a promo video

If you have a product or service separate from your YouTube channel, you can also make a promo video (aka an advertisement) showing it off. These are also known as explainer videos when combined with good storytelling.

6. Share a tutorial

Tutorial videos show how to use your new product or how you use a product to carry out a task. Some visual learners prefer video tutorials to how-to articles. Jarvis shares an in-depth tutorial for those using their AI writer.

Video: How to Write Blog Posts that Rank High with Jarvis AI and Surfer SEO

7. Answer a frequently asked question

In this type of video, you generally answer a question your team has received on social media or in your inbox. 

8. Discuss a news item

Make a video discussing a news item that affects your target audience. Your video could break down what a new law means for a certain demographic, for example.

9. Make a YouTube Shorts skit

YouTube does short videos now (much like TikTok videos and Instagram Reels). Make a skit or short intro video in that format for a low-pressure start.

10. Teach a life skill

Many adults struggle with basic life skills such as changing their tires or filing their taxes. Teach them step-by-step in a video. Bonus points if you have a product to sell that fills that need.

11. Share a reaction video

Make a video to respond to a new release or update to your software or that of an industry leader. Viewers interested in that update will visit your brand’s YouTube channel to watch, and you may even gain some subscribers.

12. Tell a story

Don’t be afraid to get in front of the camera to share your brand’s story. This is also a great video to share on your company’s About Us page.

13. Share a travel vlog

Did you and your team take a work trip recently? Share it on your YouTube channel to showcase your team dynamic.

14. Discuss your filming setup

YouTube viewers are eternally curious about gadgets, camera choices, and filming setups. You can make a video discussing yours — and share affiliate links for viewers ready to purchase.

15. Livestream an event

YouTube allows you to livestream events, and this works especially well for virtual events. You can then decide whether or not to download or save the live stream afterward.

16. Share an event recap

If livestreaming isn’t for you, simply recap your event on YouTube either orally or by including relevant video clips.

17. Make a top 10 list

Books, favorite movies, TV shows, music videos, video games, funny videos, work resources, dogs? Top 10 anything — go for it.

18. Do an office tour

Show off your cool office space, while promoting your product or service. These kinds of real-life videos have a way of engaging your audience.

19. Draw your life

This YouTube trending video is one way to tell your personal or brand story. See how comedian and former talk show host Lilly Singh does hers.

Video: Draw My Life  | Superwoman

20. Run a webinar or presentation

Finally, YouTube allows you to run a basic webinar for free. And if you’re unsure about your video editing skills, you can always upload a Powerpoint presentation to get your toes wet the first time.

2 video idea generators for creating engaging YouTube content

When you run through these ideas, you’re going to need more and we’re here to help. We recommend two tools for generating consistent YouTube video content ideas.

1. Jarvis

Our foremost tool for generating video ideas is Jarvis, our very own AI writing assistant. Jarvis’s Video Topic Ideas template — one of 52+ content templates — is designed to provide an endless array of video ideas. All you have to do is input your keyword and Jarvis gives you relevant topics based on keyword research and what competitors have posted.

Jarvis Video Ideas template

Pricing: Jarvis plans start at $29

2. WeShare

This is another video ideas tool that works differently than Jarvis. WeShare simply shows you what competitors have produced with that keyword, but leaves the actual idea generation for your own videos to you, which can be stressful.

WeShare video ideas generator

Pricing: WeShare is free to use.

Top 2 video title generators for clickable YouTube videos

1. Jarvis

AI writing assistant Jarvis also has a Video Titles template dedicated to generating catchy titles for your video creations. You can tweak the title tone from convincing to friendly to witty and everything in between. Here’s a sample of offerings the AI generated for our “Learning Spanish” video:

Jarvis Video Titles template

2. Tube Ranker

Tube Ranker video title generator

This free video title generator tool also provides a variety of title ideas for your videos. However, many of the titles are formulaic and out of context, but still worth a shot if you’re a hobbyist YouTuber.

Enter the world of video marketing

Besides generating video ideas and video titles, using video marketing requires that your videos actually be informative. We recommend Jarvis because it’s a multi-faceted AI writing tool that not only provides ideas and titles but can also help you with creating detailed video scripts.

Want to learn more about Jarvis and see how it can help you scale your video marketing efforts? Check out the Jarvis Bootcamp

If you’re ready to step up your content game, sign up with Jarvis today.


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