September 27, 2021

How to Write an About Us Page (+Template and 10 Top Examples)

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Connect with potential clients by learning how to write an about page that explains your values and selling point while converting visitors to buyers.

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As a content marketer, you know the power of a great About Us page. Potential customers who want to connect with a business, often need to understand its core values and learn exactly what its value proposition is. That’s what the About Us page does.

While reading a well-written About Us page is enjoyable and insightful, writing one that captures the perfect blend of personality and persuasion can be a bit trickier. We’ve studied countless effective ones and broken down how to write an About Us page that will send your conversions through the roof.

How to write a perfect About Us page

An About Us page seems self-explanatory, but there’s more to it than a company biography. It’s the first time you’ll introduce yourself to your site audience in a memorable way that reassures them of your expertise. Here are seven things to keep in mind if you want to write a perfect About Us page.

What’s your goal? 

Think of this as a “mission statement.” Your About Us page should tell the reader what you do and how it benefits your target customers. This is a good time to mention the one thing — if nothing else — that your business is designed to accomplish for its patrons. 

Remember to express your goals in layman terms. There’s no point in writing a mission statement if it’s too convoluted or loaded with jargon for readers to grasp fully.

Tell them a story

Storytelling sells. As humans, we’re wired for storytelling; it’s how we bond. So when you share your brand’s story — your aha! moment, why you considered starting this business, your company’s history, and even how things have changed so far — on your About Us page, you’re letting website visitors bond with you. And when they feel closer to you and the trajectory of your business, they’re more likely to remember you and eventually invest or share your brand with others. 

What’s in it for them?

“We know your mission and your story, but what about us?” Yep, that’s what your potential customers are thinking. You’ve likely hinted here and there what you do for clients, but now take a minute (or paragraph) to dig deeper. 

What is your selling point? Why should customers come to you instead of your competition? If you’re a clothing brand, for example, what makes your materials unique? Or if you’re a SaaS company, how does your product save time or money for customers — and how does it do it better than competing SaaS companies? Dig deep.


Knowing the power of visuals, your About Us page should never be caught without a single image, GIF, video, or something visual! Show your products, your team members, your office puppy — anything that helps customers learn more about you and your business.

Include a video explaining more about your services or showing how your products give back to your community. After all, a picture says more than a thousand words. 

Don't forget data

Emotions are great and all, but if you’re asking people to part ways with money, many of them will need more than just fuzzy feelings as motivation. Include hard facts to back up your value proposition. Sharing the number of customers, branches, sales, or positive reviews will boost your credibility.

If you’ve been featured in the media, feel free to add clips of some praise or testimonials to your page as a slideshow or other display. Social proof is invaluable.

Call to action

An About Us page without a CTA is a wasted opportunity. After customers have seen your core values, followed your story, seen gushing reviews, they’re ready to do something. Alas, there’s no quick link to action. Don’t be that brand. Include as many links as reasonable on your About Us page. Some possible options are links to:

  • Try your product
  • Join your list of email subscribers
  • Check out other pages like an FAQ or Features page
  • See your services and pricing
  • Your social media pages
  • Read your blog
  • Contact information like an email or phone number

Put that page — and all those words — to work.

Use an AI writer

If you’re still feeling intimidated by all the things you need to include on an About Us page, we feel you. As a content marketer working on several blogs and web pages, the demand on your mental energy is high. This last tip is for you: outsource your About Us page to an AI writer.

Our top choice — and the best in the market, if we do say so ourselves — is Jarvis. Jarvis has over 52 writing templates, one of which is the Company Bio template. All you need to do is input a few words about your company and voila! Here’s how it works:

Jarvis Company Bio Template

A sample About Us page template that creates an instant connection 

Ready to jump into writing your own About Us page? We hoped you would say that because we’ve created a template that will make the process less hectic. You can always add more information, reorder the sections, or delete suggestions that don’t apply.

Here’s our About Us template. Replace the words in brackets with your own content — and yes, bring in some more personality!

[A simple one-liner introduction that hopefully isn’t “About Us”]

[Image or video clip]

[Brand name] is a [type of company] focused on providing [service] to [target audience]

As a company, we want to change the way [the service we provide] is done in [your target market].

In [year], [founders] were dealing with [specific problem] and realized [specific market gap]. They decided to create [this product or service] to help other [target audience] struggling with the same [specific problem]. [Brand name] was formed.

[More visuals]

We believe in [your company values] and [your work culture]. Each year, we [include community outreach or any applicable projects that may appeal to your target audience].

[Brand name] is trusted by [number of clients or five-star reviews]. [Media house] called us the [relevant praise or award].

[Call to action]

10 examples of creative About Us pages to learn from

Wanna see our tips in action? We’ve found 10 amazing companies in a variety of niches who are killing it with their About Us pages. From formal to sassy, these are 10 excellent About Us page examples to inspire you:

1. Clio 

Clio About Us page

Clio's About Us page wins for the human element. The text is highly conversational, even though their service is aimed at legal professionals. They also have a picture from a real event (not stock photos!) with a caption(!).

2. Dropbox

Dropbox About Us page

Dropbox keeps things minimal, but we especially love their story and the CTA just below. Another CTA at the bottom of the page leads to their Jobs page.

3. Zendesk

Zendesk About Us page

Skip the boring “About Us” heading for a more creative option like Zendesk does on their About Us page.

4. Freshbooks

Freshbooks About Us page

Freshbooks is not afraid to crunch the numbers on their About Us page — and we love all the data. It’s great for building trust.

5. Honest 

Honest About Us page

The CTA is an important element of this page. Wrap up your eCommerce About Us page like Honest does, with a bevy of links that convert to $.

6. Chipotle

Chipotle About Us page

Chipotle’s About Us page serves up a large portion of visuals with a side of values. After reading about them, you’ll be ready for a burrito bowl.

7. Tevas

Tevas About Us page

The Tevas website shares its brand story to emphasize the benefit of its products in a subtle, but convincing way.

8. Glossier

Glossier About Us page

If you’d rather write a straightforward About Us page with text first and visuals later, this Glossier example is one to consider. We’re also digging those hyperlinks to other pages.

9. CoSchedule 

CoSchedule About Us page

CoSchedule’s video supports the rest of the content on their About Us page and provides more information while motivating potential clients to stay longer on the site (SEO win!).

10. Cup of Jo 

Cup of Jo About Us page

Besides a warm personal “Meet the Team” section, lifestyle blog Cup of Jo also includes praise from well-known publications to build trust both in readers and potential business partners.

Let’s help you write an About Page like no other

Your About Us page is the content marketing equivalent of “tell me about yourself.” It’s easy to freeze and feel at a loss for words. Following our tips and using our templates can help you get started and make a good first impression. But if you want to work faster with less risk of burnout, use Jarvis!

Jarvis is not like other AI writers. It’s trained by real copywriters to generate smart, relevant content that helps you connect with readers with sales as the goal. See for yourself — sign up for Jarvis today!


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