July 21, 2021

5 Best AI Writers for Creating Content That Converts

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Need help creating content for your website or business? It may be time to try an AI writer. Here are the top 5, their unique features, pros and cons.

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Great content can lead to serious conversion for your business and your clients’ businesses. But sometimes, even the best marketers may find it challenging to generate enough quality content for all their clients without reaching burnout point. 

As content creators, we may also fall into the trap of recycling stale ideas. Wouldn’t it be nice to outsource some of the brainstorming to an assistant with perfect grammar and a robust well of inspiration?

That’s where a good AI writer comes in. If you’re ready to supercharge your content while saving time and keeping things fresh, we’re sharing the five best AI writing software to get started. But first, how does this technology work?

How does AI writing software work? 

Like all artificial intelligence software, an AI writer uses deep learning to mimic human understanding and behavior. 

It learns the basics of writing, grammar, and general language processing and writes copy using a vast encyclopedia of information in its database.

Still, these software require human input; you need to tell them the relevant keywords, the type of copy, copy length, tone of copy, as well as perform relevant corrections to keep the text on track. They can, however, make life easier—and save writers from the scary blank page.

The top five AI writing tools ranked

  1. Jarvis
  2. Writesonic
  3. Copysmith
  4. Rytr
  5. AI Writer

1. Jarvis

Jarvis is an artificial intelligence copywriting assistant, from Conversion AI. Trained by expert copywriters, Jarvis can generate unique, high-converting copy for marketers, agencies, and entrepreneurs. 

This AI software has also read “10% of the internet,” and so has knowledge on a variety of topics. 

With over 39 helpful templates, Jarvis makes it easier to hit the ground running. Some of the practical templates available include the Attention, Interest, Desire, Action (AIDA) and Problem-Agitate-Solution (PAS) marketing frameworks, Perfect Headline for generating powerful headlines that convert, Video Script Outline for video content creators, and Review Responder for customer service workers.

A whole world of templates; Source: Conversion AI website

Their AI writing assistant also allows you to include additional information about your content, such as the tone of writing—witty, playful, formal—and the preferred limit for the number of characters. Already have content you’d like to refresh? Then bust out Jarvis’s Sentence Expander and Content Improver templates to broaden your perspective and buff up old content.

Besides templates, Jarvis has an efficient Long-form Assistant for writing — you guessed it — long-form content. You’ll need to give Jarvis some information about your content and keywords and write a few words to get him going. Then, he’ll help you generate content in line with your brief and you can tweak it along the way.

The Long-form Assistant is only available to Pro plan subscribers and up. It can also be integrated with the Power, Focus and SEO Surfer modes, which allow you to use templates, write without distractions, and optimize content for search engines respectively. 

Once your first draft is ready, you can run a plagiarism and grammar check or rephrase sections using the Rephrase tool.

An outstanding Jarvis feature is the Explain it to a 5th Grader option, which allows you to create a simplified version of your text. You can adjust settings to change the grade level as needed.

Jarvis recently rolled out their Boss Mode Plan, which allows users to interact directly with Jarvis and give orders, instead of making do with templates.

One cool feature:

  • Explain it to a 5th Grader simplifies your text to a 5th-grade reading level for easier comprehension and more conversion.


  • Highly effective: Jarvis generates 100% original content for a wide range of short and long-form content, including LinkedIn bios, Instagram captions, and blog posts.
  • Super trustworthy: 7-day money-back guarantee and over 10,000+ 4.9/5 star reviews.
  • Unbeatable features: 50+ superior templates, SEO integration, rephrasing capabilities, and much more.
  • Multilingual: Jarvis is available in over 25 languages, including Bulgarian, French, and Spanish.
  • A+ customer support: The website has dozens of help articles and videos and there is a Jarvis Facebook community with 50K+ highly engaged members.


  • Steep learning curve: Users must first learn how to speak to Jarvis and give good commands. Thankfully, there are several help documents to assist.
  • Limited Starter plan: The Starter plan lacks most of the winning features, like the Long-form Assistant, for example.
  • No free plan: Unlike most of its competitors, Jarvis does not have a free plan. You do get 10K words free when you sign up. 

Pricing: Starter $29/mo and Boss Mode $59/mo. As your content needs grow, you can add more words credits to your plan.

2. Writesonic

Writesonic is a popular AI writing software also geared toward marketers, agencies, and e-commerce brands. It enables users to create human-sounding content that converts, using a variety of templates. 

With Writesonic, you can create anything from digital ad copy to blog posts and video scripts. You can even create a personal bio in a variety of tones, from “Exciting” to “Engaging.” Their long-form article writer is still in beta testing but promises to be able to create high-quality articles in much less time than a human writer.

Other content support features include a Text Summary, Readability Checker, and Grammar Checker. Writesonic will also help you get past writer’s block by generating everything from listicle ideas to article ideas and outlines.

Users love that they can try Writesonic for free, with 10 credits to check out most features. You don’t even need to enter your credit card details to get started. All the plans have useful features that make this software appealing to any user, regardless of your budget. 

The copy samples I received]

One cool feature:

Pay-as-you-go free plan allows you to purchase credits without committing to a recurring monthly plan.


  • Wide range of plans: Writesonic has four different plans for a variety of budgets.
  • No-commitment free plan: With the free plan, there’s the option to purchase credits as needed.
  • Excellent user experience: The Writesonic website is beautiful to look at and easy to navigate.


  • Limited long-form content support: Writesonic excels with short-form content and lacks enough innovative features to support longer-form content.
  • Frustrating credit system: An overwhelming number of users dislike the credit system. Even for the priciest plan, certain features are barred after a number of credits. It keeps plans from being truly unlimited.

Pricing: The Free, Starter, Business, and Professional plans go for $0, $25, $89, and $449 respectively.

3. Copysmith

Copysmith prides itself on improving your copywriting workflow. Kick things off with an AI writing software that brainstorms blog post ideas, landing page content and product descriptions for you. Then, tweak the rest of it to perfection.

This software provides a smooth onboarding experience with a 3-day unlimited free trial—no credit card info necessary. The interface is easy to use, and Copysmith allows you to name and organize your files for optimal functioning.

This AI writing assistant doesn’t require too much user input to create content. For the example below, using only three short sentences of description, Copysmith came up with at least halfway usable landing page content.

Want to grab your content and go? Copysmith allows you to export copy as a CSV. Even more appealing is that when it’s generated content, say for a landing page, you can preview what it would look like on a real website. Pretty neat, huh?

One cool feature:

  • Preview generated website content. Watch your copy come to life on a “dress rehearsal” website. 


  • Organize and store generated content: Copysmith allows you to organize content in categories that make sense to you.
  • Handy Chrome extension: Now you can take your writing assistant on every online project.
  • 3-day unlimited free trial: Try out all of Copysmith’s features for three days while you decide your next step.


  • Best quality outputs in English: Although the software can work with several other languages, the website specifies that English is the best bet at this time.
  • Limits on features: Both for the Starter and Professional plans, users have a limited number of plagiarism checks and long-form blog generations.

Pricing: The Starter, Professional, and Enterprise plans go for $19, $59, $499 per month.

4. Rytr

Rytr is an affordable AI writing software and content generator. It equips content marketers and entrepreneurs to write just about any kind of content, from blog posts to ad copy—with very little input from them.

This software is free to use, with a credit system of 5K credits per month. However, if you subscribe to their one paid plan, you gain unlimited access to all the benefits, including a personal account manager.

How well does it work? Impressively well!

Compare Rytr’s outline with Jarvis’s more detailed alternative

It’s quick to generate an article outline as seen in the screenshot above. Although, it is worth noting that Rytr could have requested more detail — like the tone of voice, for instance — and Jarvis’s outline does appear to include a couple more relevant subheadings.

Rtyr has 20+ effective templates for writing everything from a business pitch idea to interview questions and video scripts. When your text is ready, you can choose to shorten, lengthen, improve or rephrase sentences as you desire.

One cool feature:

  • Maximize sentence potential by asking Rytr to shorten, lengthen, or rephrase any line in your copy.


  • Easy to use interface: Rytr’s website and app were straightforward and fluid to use.
  • Affordable single plan: One high-performing paid plan that costs less than its competitors’ paid plans.
  • Free plan available: Get access to most of Rytr’s features with a credit limit.
  • 25+ writing languages: Premium users can write in over 25 languages.
  • Optimized for mobile use: Generate content on your mobile device with Rytr’s optimized website.


  • Credit limit for free users: If you create a lot of content monthly, the credit limit may be annoying.
  • AI could be more efficient: Rytr’s copy could be more researched and detailed.

Pricing: Rytr has a free plan and the Premium plan costs $29/month or $290/year.

5. AI Writer

AI Writer is a minimalist AI writing software for writers who want to do the bare minimum. All this software requires is your post’s headline, and it’s all set to write away.

One way AI Writer stands out from competitors is that it provides verifiable citations at the end of every article. This allows you to source more information quickly if you need to.

Besides research and writing, this software also offers Text Rewording services if you need to quickly rephrase an article. As a marketer intent on creating 100% original content, you will love that this software runs a plagiarism check and shows how much of the generated content is original.

AI Writer offers new users a free 7-day trial, and the customer support is highly responsive. After I had sign-up issues, Customer Service contacted me in less than an hour. 

The major downside is that the quality of their articles is relatively poor. The paragraphs are obviously disconnected and clearly machine written.

One cool feature:

  • A 7-day free trial allows you to test the service before you commit.


  • Fuss-free content generation: The software only needs your headline to start writing.
  • Includes citations: Perfect if you want to keep track of sources.
  • Efficient customer service: Email responses in less than an hour.
  • Plagiarism checker: Keep your content fresh and original.


  • Poor content quality: Content seems disjointed and machine-compiled.
  • No templates: This software seems best for bloggers as it has no other templates.

Pricing: The Basic and Standard plans cost $19 and $49 respectively. There is also the option of a Custom plan for enterprises.

Is an AI writer right for your business?

Will AI writing replace human copywriters? Probably not. But do human copywriters need more help from AI? I think so! If you’re struggling under the weight of writing assignments, it might be time to consider one of these top AI writing software. 

Of course, we highly recommend Jarvis for its superior templates, community, and wider language access. But if you prefer something more affordable, try Rytr! AI Writer works well for short-form content, and Writesonic and Copysmith are worth checking out if you’d like to compare features. 

You can get 10K words free when you sign up to try Jarvis. Cancellations are easy—no explanations needed. Sign up today to start creating brilliant content with less effort.


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